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Food Facility Frontline Worker
Tuition Cost $189.00 USD

Support your entry-level frontline team with affordable food safety training that was developed specifically for them. Available in English, Spanish and now Mandarin, this course is made up of 15 half-hour lessons. Online and self-paced, Food Safety Essentials helps you keep track of their progress with automatic training records.

After this course, your employees will know more about:

  • How personal hygiene impacts product contamination
  • The three types of hazards, the seven principles of HACCP, and the difference between processes that are “in control” and those that are “out of control”
  • Common allergen cross-contact issues and how to prevent them
  • The difference between food safety and food defense
  • How to use and check foreign material control devices
  • How to properly clean equipment, utensils, and waste areas
  • How to control rodent populations
  • Their role in preventing food contamination from microorganisms
  • Situations to look for and correct during inspections
  • How to keep grounds, storage buildings, and stored items pest free
  • Common issues affecting food safety during equipment startup and breakdown
  • How temperature affects food safety and quality
  • What to look for before and after unloading incoming materials
  • How to properly store allergenic materials
  • Steps taken during a recall


Upon completion of the course and passing each course exam, participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

Multilingual team? No problem.

Buy as many seats as your team requires and they can access the course in their preferred language.

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Mandarin – New!

Food Safety Essentials is up of 15 modules covering the following topics:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Allergen control
  • Food defense
  • Foreign material control
  • Cleaning practices and schedules
  • Pest control
  • Basic microbiology
  • Building maintenance
  • Outside grounds
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Incoming material inspections
  • Temperature control
  • Storage practices
  • Traceability and recall

Upon completion of the course and passing each course exam, participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

Users completing the course need only internet access.

Food Safety Essential administrators should have:

  • Internet access
  • Email account (must be individual)
  • Adobe Reader

Enrollments are accepted any time. To purchase 12 months of access for your employees, select the appropriate number of participants below.

Don’t see a subscription level that meets your exact needs? Call our office to discuss subscriptions over 25 users and single-user add-on customization.

Buying for a Group?

Contact us for special pricing and help registering your frontline team

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