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Our instructor’s passion is to help improve and uplift your team and product. We can deliver training in person or virtually, to match your needs, and will happily travel to your location—globally.

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Instructor-Led Group Training

Private training is the perfect solution for quickly and efficiently training a group. By scheduling private training, you can be assured your team is calibrated on the most important issues facing your workplace. We will work with you to ensure your private training sessions focus on your specific challenges and meet your unique needs. Whatever topics you select, no matter how many people attend the session, our private training is a flat daily rate, making it very cost-effective!


Choose from our catalog of seminars or contact us to discuss combining different topics together! We can blend classroom teaching with applied exercises and hands-on plant training for any experience level.

Did You Know?

AIB International trains more than 12,000 professionals in more than 40 countries every year!

Cta Contained Training

The AIB International Difference in Private Training

Focus on Your Specific Needs

Facility and product-specific examples and tailored discussions will help your team apply theoretical concepts. Our time is focused on answering your team’s questions and meeting your specific needs. Private training is scheduled on your time at a location that works for you.

Train in Different Languages

Our technical experts can deliver training in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Learn Wherever, Whenever

Don’t have a conference room at your facility? We can bring training to a nearby hotel or event space. We also can train virtually. Our instructors are well versed in delivering engaging training to both in-person and online attendees.

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Create Your Session

Contact us to learn how you can combine topics in your private training.