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At AIB, our belief in delivering access to safe food around the globe has been the foundation of our over 100-year history. Through our non-profit efforts, AIB aims to share research findings, best practices, free educational resources and much more.

By empowering companies committed to world-class food safety and quality programs, we are able to have a positive impact in the food supply chain every single day through food safety professionals worldwide.

Our Instructors

Judi Lazaro

B.S. from University of Houston, served as U.S. Army Commissioned Officer. Over 30 years at AIB, currently Senior Director of Global Sales.

Jesse Leal

Certificed PCO and HACCP Alliance (IHA) Lead Instructor with 36 years of food industry experience. Has conducted over 1,700 audits in more than 11 countries.

Vikas Menon

B.S. in Biochemistry, has over 20 years of experience in food safety. Has supported numerous companies in the implementation of their food safety culture enhancement plans.

Peg Ray

B.S. in Food Science from Michigan State University. Over 30 years at AIB, currently Senior Manager of Product Development & Innovation.

Elaine Meloan Headshot

Elaine Meloan

B.S. in Food Science from Kansas State University. Over 36 years of experience at AIB, currently Manager of Food Labeling.

Industry-Leading Research

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Kill Step Validation Calculator

AIB collaborated with the American Bakers Association’s Food Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee and researchers at Kansas State University and University of Georgia to create these free Baking Process Kill Step Calculators.

Download Your Baking Kill Step Calculator

Research Report: COVID-19 Outlook & Impacts on the Food and Beverage Industry

To better understand the impacts of the resulting COVID-19 disease on the food industry and the outlook on what’s next, AIB surveyed 325 food and beverage executives across North America about the impacts of COVID-19 on their organizations and how they’re preparing for the next pandemic.

Read the Report

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Together, Let’s Prioritize Food Safety

Food safety should be a priority for your business. Our team will partner with you to make it happen.

Let’s talk about how to begin.