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Your Foundation for Food Safety

Upholding Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) is critical to delivering safe food and helps you build a strong food safety culture in your organization. Get help from our technical experts on establishing, maintaining, and improving your GMP program.

  • Train your team
  • Identify and correct systemic problems
  • Prove your facility complies with industry standards
  • Develop and maintain a world-class food safety program

We help companies inspect their suppliers and food manufacturers to ensure compliance to the AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection.

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Inspection Types

FSVP Compliance Audit

Ensure your imported food is in compliance

An AIB International Food Safety professional reviewing documentation

Regulatory Readiness Assessment

Be ready for your next regulatory inspection


Foreign Material Control Assessment

Minimize physical hazards in foods

AIB International auditor inspecting a manufactuing machine with flashlight

GMP Inspections

Demonstrate your dedication to providing safe, high-quality food products and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

Two AIB International auditors using a mirror to inspect food manufacturing equipment

GMP Inspection Training

Take your first fearless steps toward a successful GMP Inspection!

Grain Silos

Food Safety 360 Evaluation

Comprehensive help for complex problems


Virtual GMP Solutions

Remote GMP audits, assessments and inspections

Person holding a clipboard and pen

Traceability Performance Assessment

Put your recall plan to the test in real-time

An AIB International Auditor holding up a mirror to inspect food manufacturing equipment

Inspection Only

See through the eyes of a GMP expert

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Go with the Global Leaders in GMPs

AIB International is renowned in the food & beverage industry for its GMP expertise and Consolidated Standards. We developed these standards to help companies at every stage of the food and beverage supply chain create a strong foundation of GMPs to support their food safety programs.

  • More than 100 years supporting the food industry
  • Globally recognized GMP experts
  • Exceptional service and delivery
  • Get our GMP services on-site, virtually, or hybrid—a combination of a virtual desktop review and an unannounced on-site inspection.

How Amcor Upholds Food Safety Standards with Hybrid Inspections

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Inspections and Audits to Help
Produce Safe Food

You’re busy. You might not have time to run every inspection. Our team of professional auditors can come to your site and help you find what to improve,
and how to improve it.

We don’t just see room for growth. We’re here to help you grow.

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Let’s Make a Better Food Safety Culture Together

You know where you want to go. We can help you get started.
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