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Two men inspecting a loaf of bread in a manufacturing facility

Expert Help for Complex Problems

When a crisis arises in your bakery, call us for immediate help. We can get our experts to your facility in a week to help you meet customer quality specifications, get a new line running, or temporarily step into a supervisory role.

Whether your problem is capability or capacity, our experts will stand by your side to help you get back on track.

You can trust us to provide an in-depth on-site assessment and develop a plan to resolve the issue. We will observe multiple shifts and all parts of your production puzzle, from ingredients to equipment, until we find the root cause. We will evaluate mixing, proofing, dividing, sheeting, baking, and any steps in between to cover all the bases.

We will select experts with in-depth knowledge for your product type so you can be fully confident that your problem will be resolved quickly.

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AIB International Baking Staff

Trusted Baking Experts Since 1919

For more than 100 years, we have been working with bakers around the world to deliver satisfaction in every bite. We are the baking industry’s trusted resource for troubleshooting, product development, and cutting-edge research.

We provide the baking industry with an open source of technical and food safety information so bakeries of all sizes and specialities can consistently deliver high-quality delicious products.