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Tuition Cost $5661.00 USD

New regulations, new products, microbiological concerns, and customer demands all challenge facility personnel to remain current and informed on their responsibilities of food safety and sanitation.

In this course, our experts will teach you how sanitation, pest management, and other key prerequisite programs impact your ability to meet food safety expectations and produce safe food products. Learning these crucial concepts will help support your development and management of critical food plant programs that allow you to produce safe, legal food products and exceed your customers’ food safety expectations.

Keep your team’s training organized with a multi-user license! When you purchase a multi-user license, you can assign the course to multiple team members and track their progress all through our convenient online portal. If you are looking for the single-user version of the full Food Safety and Sanitation Online training package click here.

  1. Sanitation (75 minutes)
  2. Personnel Practices (60 minutes)
  3. Body Fluids (30 minutes)
  4. Allergens (80 minutes)
  5. Transportation and Storage (50 minutes)
  6. Integrated Pest Management (120 minutes)
  7. Maintenance (60 minutes)
  8. Sanitary Design (80 minutes)
  9. Chemical Control (40 minutes)
  10. Air and Water Quality (35 minutes)
  11. Operational Methods (45 minutes)
  12. Physical Foreign Material Control (75 minutes)
  13. Traceability (50 minutes)
  14. Recall (50 minutes)
  15. Food Defense (50 minutes)
  16. Microbial Control (40 minutes)
  17. Environmental Monitoring (50 minutes)
  18. Customer Complaints (40 minutes)
  19. Quality Control (60 minutes)
  20. Regulatory Overview (70 minutes)
  21. Self-Inspection and Internal Audits (80 minutes)
  22. HACCP (110 minutes)
  23. HARPC (60 minutes)
  24. Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (40 minutes)

24 hours and 10 minutes total

To complete this course, you should have the following:

  • Internet access
  • Email account (must be individual)
  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Learn More

After purchasing a multi-user license, the license administrator will have one year to assign all licenses to their chosen students through our online platform. After the license administrator has assigned a user to a given license, the user will have 18 months to complete the training.

The license administrator may reassign a license to a different student, as long as the original student has not begun the course. Once a user has begun the course, the license is considered used and cannot be reassigned.

Read through our FAQ document for further details.

Benefits of a Multi-User License

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Keep Track of Your Team’s Progress

The license administrator will be able to enroll students, view student’s progress, and access student grades and transcripts all through our online portal.

24/7 Access

Flexible program that will allow students to progress at their own pace.

Certificate of Completion

After students pass a post-test, they will be allowed to print a certificate online. Program administrators can also print each student’s certificate.

Choose the Content That Is Right for Your Team

Select between two package options Integrated Pest Management or the full course.

Multi-User License Options

Keep your team’s training organized with a multi-user license! When you purchase a multi-user license for one of the three training packages, you can assign the course to multiple team members and track their progress in our easy to use online portal.

Multi-User License
Food Safety & Sanitation Online – Full Course

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