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Baking Science
Tuition Cost $288.00 USD

Begin your baking education with this introduction to the fundamental processes of baking and the rich history of the baking industry. In this course, you will learn the basic science and math skills required to be a successful baker. This course includes a digital copy of our Glossary of Baking Terms. This industry-trusted foundational reference will be your go-to as you continue your baking career.

15 modules cover these topics:

  • History and Ingredients
  • The Baking Process
  • Basic Arithmetic and Applied Mathematics
  • General and Organic Chemistry
  • Physics: Forces, Energy, Matter, Heat, and Temperature
  • Fundamentals of Biology
  • Nutrition
  • Bakery Ovens and Pans
  • Bakery Design and Layout
  • Food Labeling
  • Food Safety and Sanitation

Each module in Science of Baking: Foundations comes with an accompanying quiz to test your knowledge. You must receive a minimum score of 70% on each quiz to successfully pass. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and 12 continuing education credits. You have up to three years to complete the course.

  • Internet access
  • Email account (must be individual)

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