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Canadian Food Labels Made Simple

Do not let your labeling process be slowed down by Canadian regulations. Products that do not meet Canadian food labeling standards may be detained or denied entry at the border. Avoid expensive delays and ensure you are in compliance.

Our labeling experts have extensive experience with Canadian and U.S. food labels and can tackle your most intimidating labeling project. We will guide you through updating your food labels to meet the latest Canadian regulations.

Nutrition Facts Reports and Camera-Ready Graphics

Canadian rounding rules and daily intake amounts mean you need a Canadian nutrition facts table for products destined for the Canadian market. We can generate nutrition information and compile a nutrition facts report with all the information you need to be compliant.
Here is an example (additional nutrients are available): Canadian

Ingredients and Allergens

Ingredients and allergens information is declared differently in Canada than in the United States. We will help you adapt your U.S. listing with the proper ingredients wording for Canada, along with a French language translation. We also will ensure that major food allergens are reported in both English and French.

Label Review & Adaptation

Do you need your entire label adapted for Canada? Send us your U.S. label as a PDF, along with your 100g unrounded report, and we will provide a report detailing how to change the label information so it is compliant with Canadian regulations. The report will include a French translation of all the information on the package.

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