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If you’re ready to order your reports or label review, simply follow the instructions listed below.

Step 1

Download the necessary forms:

  • Order form: PDF
  • Summary and formula worksheets: XLS, PDF, or DOC
    (If an item is composed of multiple components, you’ll complete one formula worksheet for each.)

Step 2

To place an order, assemble the following forms and information:

  • Order form: Provide company/contact information. Indicate the type and quantity of reports needed. Sign and date.
  • Formula worksheets: Each formula should contain one summary sheet and at least one formula sheet. If an item is composed of multiple components, a formula sheet should be included for each component.
  • Specification sheets: Be sure to include spec sheets from the supplier or manufacturer for each ingredient in the formula(s). These sheets should thoroughly identify the product and its composition, plus include any code numbers relevant to the product.
  • For a Food Label Compliance Review: Submit an order form and an actual-size label. Either email the label in an Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) file or send by regular mail or courier service. Inform us of the package dimensions and the amount of available labeling space.
    • For Canadian Food Label Compliance Review/Adaptation: In addition to the Food Label Compliance documents listed above, also submit an unrounded 100-gram nutrition profile. If you do not have the 100-gram profile, we can compute the information from your formulation and ingredient specification sheets.
  • Prepayment is required from new clients: Please contact our office to arrange payment.

Step 3

Orders may be submitted by any combination of the following methods:

  • Email
  • Mail:
  • 1213 Bakers Way
    PO Box 3999
    Manhattan, KS 66505


AIB requires the client adhere to the following provisions:

  • All communication, including forms and ingredient specification sheets, must be in English.
  • All international sales must be handled on a prepaid basis.
  • In order to properly prepare the necessary labels and disclosures, certain information must be provided by the client. AIB International is not responsible for inaccuracies in labeling or other disclosure information, in the event the information provided by the client is not accurate or complete.
  • All Labeling work is confidential. Should your company require a nondisclosure of proprietary information agreement, let us know and we will provide an agreement to you.

Questions about how to order? Contact us at 800-633-5137 or send us an email.

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