FSMA Awareness Webinar Series

FSMA Awareness Webinar Series


National Food Safety Education Month
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On demand. One low price. 8 easy-to-understand webinars explain how FSMA applies to you.

These eight easy-to-understand webinars for online FSMA training provide a foundation of knowledge to prepare you for the release of FSMA's final rules and explain what the rules mean for you:

  • FDA Regulations and Where FSMA Fits (15:53)
    Understand additional requirements and amendments to existing regulations and know what facilities and products are impacted by the rules
  • Complying with Elements of FSMA Already in Effect (16:33)
    Understand FDA’s registration requirements, the administrative detention and mandatory recall authority, and what records the FDA can access
  • Preventive Controls and HACCP (27:15)
    Understand the differences between HACCP and HARPC and how to fill in the gaps when you know the different hazards and identify appropriate preventive controls
  • Food Allergen Controls Under FSMA (11:19)
    Understand the “Big 8” allergens and how FSMA impacts food allergen controls
  • Key Elements for Mitigation Strategies (29:33)
    Understand FSMA’s impact on intentional adulteration and required mitigation measures to minimize such potential threats
  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program for Food Importers (38:20)
    Understand requirements for importers and exporters as you think through future steps to assure timely compliance  
  • Sanitary Food Transportation (32:57)
    Understand which foods are exempt from the sanitary transport rule and identify assigned responsibilities for parties that must comply with the rule. Know what training is required for those responsible for transporting food products and identify recordkeeping requirements under the rule
  • FDA Inspections (28:08)
    Understand which facilities will receive inspections by FDA personnel, state departments of agriculture, and accredited third-parties and know the guidelines for re-inspection and consequences of identified violations

It can be challenging to read and understand the regulations, so let AIB act as your resource for compliance assistance. Our team of experts reviews and interprets regulatory updates for you as they roll out, while you enjoy the webinars in the comfort of your own facility at an amazing price!

Who will benefit from the FSMA Awareness Webinar Series?

Food and beverage manufacturers in the US, foreign countries that export to the US, and food distribution centers and food transport companies in the US will all benefit from this online FSMA training series.

Enrollment Information

Upon enrollment, you will have 3 years of access to the webinars. You may view them as many times as you like during this period. You may gain immediate access by clicking through the "My Enrollments" tab after making your purchase. If you’d rather view the webinars later, we will also send an email with access instructions for your reference.

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FSMA Awareness Webinar Series
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