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Food Safety Inspector at a Facility
$163.00 USD

Establishing an effective self-inspection program is key for overall food safety. Employees in beverage facilities need to be trained with the proper knowledge and techniques, and equipped with the right tools to ensure thorough inspections.

Through this recorded training, employees will gain an understanding of the foundational elements of inspections, and best practices based on AIB International Consolidated Standards. They will also learn what to look for when inspecting a beverage plant.

Following completion of this course, they will know how to:

  • Understand the requirements of inspections, specific to the Beverage industry in line with the AIB International Consolidated Standards
  • Gain practical knowledge of how to inspect their beverage plant
  • Learn how to identify common and frequently overlooked issues that could lead to contamination

This How-To Guide will provide a sound foundation for self-inspections and contribute towards overall food safety.

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