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Tuition Cost $236.00 USD

Today, more than ever, it is imperative to protect the food you produce from intentional adulteration. However, with threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, how do you keep your business protected and your food defense plan current?

Our Food Defense Update Webinar has been designed to fill the gap and keep you up to date.

Experience a power-packed 2.5-hour course designed to elevate your proficiency in food defense. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dive deep into regulatory requirements, ensuring you’re fully equipped for compliance.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest insights from the FDA on robust food defense strategies.
  • Analyze real-world intentional adulteration cases, bridging theory with practical implementation of foolproof food defense plans.
  • Uncover common observations and gaps in existing food defense programs unearthed during audits, and learn how to plug them effectively.
  • Receive invaluable recommendations to fortify your food defense measures and safeguard your operations.
  • Stay abreast of the freshest updates from the FDA on cutting-edge food defense protocols.
  • Explore changes to the AIB International’s 2023 Consolidated Standards pertaining to Food Defense requirements.

This course counts toward your food defense recertification training requirements.

Food Defense Coordinator Recertification

Successful completion of the post-webinar exam satisfies the requirements for AIB International’s Food Defense Coordinator recertification. For assistance in renewing your expired certification, email us at [email protected].


If you took our Food Defense Coordinator course 2 years ago or more, you must participate in this webinar. Recertification is required every 2 years as information and processes change constantly.

By participating in our Food Defense Update Webinar and using our other training resources, you will be able to stay current and compliant with the industry’s requirements.

This webinar is perfect for those who want to stay up-date with the latest FDA’s updates.

If you or any members of your team are new to food defense, we highly recommend checking out our Food Defense Coordinator Online course first. The program covers both FDA requirements and in most cases will also meet the GFSI requirements with some adjustments. We can also help you create a plan to protect your business. It is also an excellent training course for teams.

The FDA offers great resources, and we recommend checking them out. However, all third-party audits (like GFSI) need to have food defense plans and programs.

Additionally, facilities may need to meet regulatory requirements for food defense (like the FDA’s 21 CFR part 121) which includes training requirements. To develop the “approved curriculum,” the FDA partnered with the FSPCA (Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance). The regulation states that individuals must take the approved course or an equivalent course.

The content of this course has been enhanced with best practices and additional information that will improve the knowledge of the participant, therefore making it compliant with the request made by the FDA under which a food defense specialist must have the appropriate education, training, or experience or have successfully completed training for the specific function at least equivalent to that received under a standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by the FDA or be otherwise qualified through job experience to conduct the activities (21 CFR 121.4(c)(2)).

Furthermore, we have experts available to answer your questions and explain some of the regulations.

The Food Defense Update Webinar is taught by Earl Arnold, AIB International Manager, Food Defense/FSMA.

Prior to working at AIB International, Earl served in the US Army for 21 years as a food inspection manager. In that role, he trained and supervised more than 500 individuals in food security operations, food safety, sanitation, quality control, and risk management. He currently serves as the lead instructor for AIB International’s food defense seminars, writes and presents on food defense issues, and has completed trainings for HACCP, FSMA, and food safety and sanitation.

  • Internet access
  • Email account (must be individual)
  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Learn More

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