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We offer certification to the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety, Packaging Materials, Storage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers, Plant Based, Start!, Ethical Trading and Gluten Free. These standards help promote consistency across the supply chain and cover critical topics such as HACCP system, factory environment, process control, quality management system, product control, and personnel.

BRCGS is often a good fit for companies new to certification audits, because the standards are very descriptive in their expectations and provide clear direction for what is needed for each written program.

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We are a 5-star rated certification body, which indicates that our auditors are well calibrated. This means our clients are less likely to have their certificates revoked or withdrawn due to procedure error by the certification body.

We are committed to providing the best possible products and services to our valued clients at the most competitive price points in the industry.

90% of companies that use us as their certification body stay with us. The industry average is 79.9%.

We issue certificates to clients an average of 6 days faster than all other Certification Bodies.

We are the leading provider of BRCGS audits in the United States, leading in both the food (25% market share) and storage and distribution sectors (53% market share).

Seven Types of Food and Product Safety and Quality System Certification Audits

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GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Agents & Brokers

Agents and Brokers (non-manufacturing traders) who buy, sell, or facilitate the trade of products provide a critical link in the movement and trade of products. This standard has been developed to provide a framework for managing product safety, quality, and legality for these non-manufacturing businesses in the food and packaging industries.

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Chocolate Bars
GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Ethical Trade & Responsible Sourcing

Meet consumer demand for products that are ethically traded and responsibly sourced

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A beverage manufacturing facility
GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Food Safety

Certification to this standard is for companies that supply retailers with food products and want to ensure the safe manufacture of food. During your audit, we will spend significant time in the processing plant and review your quality management and food safety plans.

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Certified Gluten-Free
GFSI Certification

BRCGS Gluten-Free Certification

Rise to meet increasing consumer demand for gluten-free products

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GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Packaging

This certification audit focuses on quality and functional aspects of packaging, which complement the established requirements of all kinds of packaging plant Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). This certification supports the manufacture of safe packaging materials and managing product quality to meet customer requirements, while maintaining legal compliance.

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A cheeseburger
GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Plant-Based Global Standard

Meet the growing demand for plant-based products

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GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Storage & Distribution

BRCGS certification for logistics and warehouses

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The BRCGS Certification Process

1. Pre-assessment

An optional audit used to assess the level of a system’s compliance against the BRCGS Global Standard.

3. Re-certification Audit

This audit verifies continued effectiveness of a facility’s system and reviews past performance over the period of the certification. The frequency is either 6 or 12 months and is related to the grade shown on the certificate. See individual Standards for details.

2. Certification

A combination document/facility audit with grades dependent on the number and nature of non-conformances raised and whether the audit was announced or unannounced.

4. Unannounced Audit

The facility will not be informed of the audit date and the site tour will need to begin within 30 minutes of arrival. Companies can choose to have every audit be unannounced, and this will be indicated on the certificate with a +, therefore the top grade becomes AA+.

Other GFSI Certifications

We are a full-service certification partner. See how we can run your certifications in other GFSI fields.

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