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Gluten-Free Certifications Make Your Products More Relevant

As the consumer demand for gluten-free products rapidly increases, more and more food manufacturers are creating innovative products and seeking official certification to market their products with on-pack gluten-free marks.

The BRCGS Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) allows brand owners to:

  • Differentiate their gluten-free products
  • Meet the stringent requirements of managing gluten
  • Bolster their food safety programs

We offer an industry and consumer accepted certification program that brings confidence to your products. Your GFCP audit can be combined with any other GFSI audit.

Further Information

Globally-Recognized Certification

AIB International has been approved to conduct audits by BRCGS which acquired Allergen Control Group, administrator of the GFCP in 2018.

BRCGS published Issue 3 of the Standard in 2019 and is accredited under ISO 17065. The Standard is endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association, Acelmex in Mexico, AOECS in Europe and the U.S. National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, now known as Beyond Celiac. We will inspect your entire manufacturing facility or focus on a dedicated area in the GFCP audit.

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Other Consumer Label Certifications

AIB International is a full-service certification partner.
In addition to food safety and quality, we also provide certification for Consumer Labels.

Chocolate Bars
GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Ethical Trade & Responsible Sourcing

Meet consumer demand for products that are ethically traded and responsibly sourced

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A cheeseburger
GFSI Certification

BRCGS Certification for Plant-Based Global Standard

Meet the growing demand for plant-based products

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Man wearing face mask working in a food facility
Pandemic Prepared Certification

Pandemic Prepared Certification for Food & Beverage Supply Chain

The first pandemic certification created specifically for the food and beverage supply chain

View Pandemic Prepared Certification
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