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Risk-Based Approach Allows for Custom Solutions

The IFS Food Standard is risk-based against food safety, legality, and quality requirements and applies to companies that process food or pack loose food products.

The standard applies when products are “processed” or when there is a hazard for product contamination during primary packing. It is especially important to food manufacturers that produce private labels, because it contains many requirements related to specification compliance. All products and processes of the relevant production site shall be included in the scope of the IFS Food Assessment.

  • The risk-based approach identifies company-specific risks and hazards
  • The non prescriptive approach allows for custom solutions to meet standard requirements
  • It is accepted by retailers and brand owners worldwide
  • The requirements were developed by food industry experts, certification bodies, and retailers
  • The standard covers legislation, food safety and quality, and customer specifications
  • Assessments are performed by specifically trained auditors with proven knowledge and expertise of the industry sector

During the audit, auditors evaluate if the developed solution works in practice with the main goal to guarantee that food safety and quality will be reached.

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The Certification Process

The IFS certification provided by our experts involves the following stages:

  • Pre-audit (optional)
  • Certification audit
  • Annual recertification audit

A follow-up audit is required when the results of the audit (an initial audit or a renewal audit) have been insufficient to allow the award of the certificate

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