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Temporary Outsourced Expertise. Bring Your Food Safety Solution In-House.

A lot can impact your operations, including staff shortages and critical product problems. That’s where our Assign an Expert service comes in.

We can get there in a week and become part of your team for as long, or as short, as you need us.

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What can you do with outsourced expertise?

Your business is complex. We’re ready to step in to help.

Work with a dedicated onsite expert

Conduct neutral third-party investigations on supplier issues

Get an external perspective for best practices

Minimize operation disruption with temporary virtual or on-site technical experts

Temporarily cover hard-to-fill job vacancies

Develop and implement sanitation, food safety, and quality assurance programs

Kick-start your food safety culture

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How Does Assign an Expert Work?

We are well-versed at stepping into large complex operations to oversee program management, closures, and high-risk issues. We can come in, quickly get up to speed, and help identify issues and fill needs.

Who is this expert?

  • A well-trained expert in your field
  • A vetted team member
  • Someone vested in your success

Your food safety culture is too important to have vacancies or be left to chance. We take your business as seriously as you do.

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What Can Our In-House Expert Assist With?

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Inspections
  • Supplier Assessments
  • Co-Manufacturer Assessments
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Coaching
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We’re Ready to Start Working with You

Have a need? We’ll fill it. Let’s get one of our best on your floor.

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