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Process Standards for
Food Safety and Quality

IFS is a risk-based certification that offers you the chance to develop solutions that fit the processes and needs of your company.

During the audit, our auditors evaluate if your developed solution achieves the main goal of food safety and quality, legality, authenticity. Certification then shows that the certified company has established processes that are suitable for ensuring food and/or product safety and that it has considered and implemented customer specifications. These process standards also help users when implementing legal provisions regarding food and/or product safety, while providing uniform guidelines on food safety and quality issues.

  • Our auditors are well calibrated, which means you are less likely to have your certificates suspended or withdrawn due to procedure error.
  • We are committed to providing the best possible products and services to our valued clients at the most competitive price points in the industry.
  • Ninety percent of companies using us as their certification body stay with us. The industry average is 79.9%.

IFS certification is a fit for those companies striving for excellence in quality, food safety, and customer satisfaction, while seeking a competitive marketplace advantage. We currently offer certification to the IFS Food Standard, IFS Logistics, and IFS PAC Secure.

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Three Types of Food Safety System Certification Audits

GFSI Certification

IFS Food Standard

Assess food safety, legal, and quality requirements to global standard

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IFS Logistics Certification Mark
GFSI Certification

IFS Logistics

Strive for excellence in quality and customer satisfaction

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IFS PacSecure
GFSI Certification

IFS PACsecure

Assess quality and safety to comply with regulations and customer requirements

View GFSI Certification

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Other GFSI Certifications

We also perform audits to other GFSI-benchmarked schemes.

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Certification is provided by AIB International Certification Services, a wholly owned subsidiary and separate company. Use of AIB International’s consulting and training services does not influence certification outcome.