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Tuition Cost $250.00 USD

This online course equips the participant with the knowledge to build an effective food defence team, conduct thorough vulnerability assessments, identify and implement appropriate mitigation measures, and master food defence record-keeping best practices.

Empower your team with the skills and insights needed to safeguard your facility and ensure compliance with the highest standards in the industry. Join the Food Defence Programme today and take your facility’s food safety to the next level.

Module 1 – Food Defence Basics (30 minutes)

  • Essential elements of Food Defence
  • Role of the Food Defence Team Leader
  • Assessing current facility practices and processes
  • Developing a comprehensive Food Defence Plan
  • Conducting vulnerability assessments and identify needed mitigation measures.
  • Entering vulnerabilities, mitigation measures, and other elements into a draft Food Defence Plan

Module 2 – Food Defence Plan Preliminary Steps (45 minutes)

  • Building a strong foundation for your plan
  • Recommended members of a food defence team
  • Understanding the team leader’s role
  • Recognize the importance of describing what occurs during each process step

Module 3 – Vulnerability Assessments (50 minutes)

  • Conducting effective vulnerability assessments
  • Identifying elements of vulnerability assessments
  • Evaluating the potential public health impact of intentional contamination
  • Rating the risk of process step vulnerabilities

Module 4 – Mitigation Measures (25 minutes)

  • Understanding mitigation measures
  • Identify appropriate mitigation measures

Module 5 – Management Components for Mitigation Measures (35 minutes)

  • Determining management components for mitigation measures.
  • Master best practices for food defence monitoring, corrective actions, and food defence verification.

Module 6 – Training Record Keeping (25 minutes)

  • Identifying which food defence roles require specific training
  • Best practices for record-keeping
  • Identify the ideal timeframe for reanalysis of the Food Defence Plan.

Module 7 – Food Defence Review – Exam Preparation (15 minutes)

  • A quick review to prepare for the exam

Exam – (15 minutes)

Earn your certificate of completion! Upon successful completion, this course awards 0.4 CEUs and self-printable certificate. Your training record will be available immediately following the conclusion of your training. Your certificate will be available for printing following successful completion.

To complete this course, you should have the following:

  • Internet access
  • Email account (must be individual)
  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Learn More

Food Defence Programme VS. Food Defense Coordinator Online


Food Defense Coordinator Online is specifically for companies that must meet the U.S. FDA Intentional Adulteration Rule. Food Defense Coordinator Online corresponds with AIB International’s Consolidated Standards (CS) requirement 5.16 Regulated Food Defense.

Food Defence Programme is for all other companies that do not need to meet the U.S. FDA Intentional Adulteration rule. That includes all distribution centres, all grain handling facilities, all packaging facilities (food contact and non-food contact) and companies that do not export to the United States. Food Defence Programme Online corresponds to AIB International’s Consolidated Standard requirement under 5.15 Food Defence Program.

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