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There has never been a more opportune moment to propel your career forward by becoming an AIB International Certified Food Defense Coordinator. In today’s ever-evolving landscape, ensuring the safety and security of our food supply is considered essential. That’s why the FDA’s FSMA regulations mandate that food facilities establish robust food defense programs to mitigate intentional adulteration risks.

The demand for excellence in food defense extends beyond regulatory requirements. Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and discerning customers are pushing for enhanced security measures throughout the supply chain. This paradigm shift calls for a dedicated cadre of professionals who are not only well-versed in food defense strategies but also committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Prove your dedication and expertise to meet this challenge by becoming an AIB International Certified Food Defense Coordinator. Our comprehensive certification equips you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to be the driving force behind your facility’s food defense program.

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Certification Process & Requirements

Start today and be the proactive force that ensures the safety and security of our food supply.

  1. Successfully complete Food Defense Coordinator Online or attend the virtual Instructor-Led Food Defense Coordinator
  2. Then prove your skills by scoring 80% or more on the Food Defense Coordinator Certification Exam.

Threats to our food supply chain are always evolving. In order to maintain your certification, every two years you will need to complete the brief Food Defense Update webinar.

Food Defense Coordinator Training Options

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Instructor-Led Training

Food Defense Coordinator Instructor-Led Training

Equip your team to protect your facility from acts of intentional adulteration by completing this two-day virtual instructor-led training.

View Instructor-Led Training
Tuition Cost $972.00 USD
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Online Training

Food Defense Coordinator Online

11 hours – Mitigate identified vulnerabilities and prevent intentional adulteration with this on-demand online training.

View Online Training
Tuition Cost $649.00 USD

Why Choose AIB International?

Industry Recognition: AIB International is a globally respected authority in food safety and defense. Holding our certification demonstrates your dedication to excellence and sets you apart in the competitive market.

Practical Expertise: Developed by seasoned professionals, our curriculum blends theory with real-world application, giving you the tools to confidently lead and implement effective food defense strategies.

Cutting-Edge Education: Our program provides in-depth, up-to-date insights into the evolving landscape of food defense, ensuring you remain ahead of the curve in safeguarding our food supply.

Career Advancement: Elevate yourself as an indispensable asset to your facility. Stand out as the go-to expert in developing and executing robust food defense initiatives.

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Let’s Make a Better Food Safety Culture Together

You know where you want to go. We can help you get started. Talk to one of our food safety experts today.