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While GMP inspections from a third party like AIB International can help identify and address potential food safety concerns, what is done to mitigate and prevent future occurrences is even more crucial. Conducting a root cause analysis exercise can aid in implementing not only corrective actions, but preventive actions to solve issues for good.

Root Cause Analysis is an onsite, interactive training offered in conjunction with a GMP training inspection. The course was developed to provide practical applications of two main Root Cause Analysis tools through a one-day workshop that culminates in a group exercise to apply learnings and conduct a Root Cause Analysis on findings identified during the GMP training inspection at your facility.

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Disciplined problem solving for long-term success.

Corrective Actions and/or Preventive Actions (CAPA) are required to meet GFSI audit schemes, AIB International Consolidated Standards, and those used by regulatory agencies. To meet these requirements, a facility must identify the root cause of a problem and implement a solution to prevent recurrence.

After completing this course, students will:

  • Understand the need for root cause analysis.
  • Understand how the ICE (Identify, Control, Eliminate) concept works.
  • Understand when and how to use two RCA tools.
  • Five Whys
  • Ishikawa Fishbone
  • Understand how a combination of the two tools may help.
  • Know how to conduct validation and verification for preventive actions.
  • Understand how to write corrective actions and preventive actions.
  • Know how to use the tools to do RCA for actual findings from your site.
  • This course was developed as entry-level introduction to root cause analysis and aims to give food safety teams the knowledge needed to implement these tools at their sites.  
  • Upon completion, participants will receive a printable Certificate of Attendance.  


  • Module 1 – Getting Started (30 minutes)
  • Module 2 – The 5 Whys (1.25 hour)
  • Module 3 – Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram (2.25 hours)
  • Workshops for site GMP inspection findings (4 hours)

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