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Explore food labeling basics to help you apply FDA's newest regulations to your nutrition label.

Food labels can be complex. Companies that make and distribute food in the United States must understand the FDA's newest nutrition facts format regulations to properly label their products and avoid enforcement action from the FDA. Learn the fundamental skills needed to properly use and display labeling elements on food packages and comply with FDA labeling requirements. 

Although FDA has extended the compliance deadline for the new regulations, we are encouraging food manufacturers to continue to move forward with nutrition facts label formatting changes. Gathering information for the new nutrients in the panel is taking companies a lot longer than anticipated. Also, some companies are finding that their products no longer meet the printed label claims and are having to reformulate. Don't get caught in the chaos as the new compliance date grows closer!

Discover who is responsible for labeling requirements, what needs to be on your labels, and how to display information, ingredients and food allergens according to law - it's all here!


What will I learn in this online training?

The 9 hour course is composed of five modules with exams after each module.

  • Module 1: Food Labeling Enforcement
  • Module 2: General Labeling Requirements
  • Module 3: Ingredient Statements and Allergens
  • Module 4: Nutrition Labeling
  • Module 5: Food Labeling Claims

Who would benefit from Food Labeling Online?

This online course is a must have for anyone with minimal exposure to food labeling regulations and an excellent refresher for experienced professionals seeking information on the latest regulatory changes. Graphic designers can use this course to learn how to correctly design packaging and set up labels for food companies. The course content is targeted to anyone needing to know the details of labeling, including food labeling professionals, product developers, food company owners, dietitians, and government employees.

After this online training, you'll know how to:

  • Determine which US government agencies are responsible for regulating food labeling and the laws that they administer
  • Recognize reasons why a food label would be considered adulterated or misbranded and identify the types of enforcement action FDA may take for products in violation
  • Identify which types of food products must be labeled and the information required
  • Describe the characteristics of the principal display panel and information panel and identify the requirements for font size, location predominance, and language
  • Explain the statement of identity requirements for food products and define the standard of identity for a food product and when the standardized name is required
  • Identify how to correctly declare the net quantity of contents, name, and place of business
  • Demonstrate the proper declaration of ingredients on a package label and the correct disclosure of the major 8 food allergens
  • Identify the major changes in Nutrition Facts Panels with the 2016 Final Rule and summarize mandatory information required in the nutrition facts panel, voluntary information, and how to properly declare information
  • Demonstrate calculation of the servings per container and give examples of serving sizes compliant with FDA regulations
  • Recognize which non-digestible carbohydrates count as “dietary fiber” and which need to be approved by the FDA
  • Identify types of sweeteners that are considered added sugars
  • Summarize how RDI and DRV amounts are used and demonstrate calculation of Percent Daily Value
  • Describe the different types of Nutrition Facts formats and when they are used
  • Explain the difference between nutrient content claims, health claims, and structure/function claims
  • Distinguish between expressed, implied, relative, and amount or percentage nutrient content claims
  • Identify the general requirements for health claims and the wording requirements for SSA approved claims, FDAMA claims, and qualified claims
  • Recognize correctly expressed structure/function claims

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive 0.9 continuing education units.

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time. Each interactive lesson has built-in quizzes to test your knowledge throughout the course. Following the each module, you must complete each exam and receive a score of 70% or above. There are 5 exams to complete. After successful completion, you can print a document of completion.

  • Time allowed to complete the course: 3 Years

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