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Tuition Cost $540.00 USD

Food labels can be complex. Learn the fundamental skills needed to properly use and display labeling elements on food packages so you can comply with FDA labeling requirements. You will learn who is responsible for labeling requirements, what needs to be on your labels, and how to display nutrition information, ingredients, and food allergens.

If you make and distribute food in the United States, you must properly label your products to avoid enforcement action from the FDA.

This nine-hour course is composed of five modules:

  • Food Labeling Enforcement
  • General Labeling Requirements
  • Ingredient Statements and Allergens
  • Nutrition Labeling
  • Food Labeling Claims

Each module is accompanied by an exam. You must score 70% or above on each of the five exams to successfully complete the course. Upon successful completion, you will receive a printable certificate of completion and 0.9 continuing education credit. You are allowed three years to complete the course.

Very Valuable!

I thought it was a great course with a lot of good information. I will use the reference guides when questions/issues come up in the future with my work. These are very valuable! Thank you!

Rachel RobinsonBatory Foods

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