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Provide Your Employees and Customers with Confidence

There was no playbook for the pandemic… so we created one. Your customers and employees deserve to know that you are putting their safety at the forefront of everything you do. With our pandemic preparation program and certification, you can create a safe environment for moving forward.

The certification includes the following:

  • Pandemic Crisis Management
  • Health Crisis Mitigation and Management
  • Prerequisite Program Review
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Intermittent Operations Planning Management

For more than 100 years, we have supported the food and beverage industry with food safety, certification, and other quality services. We are at the forefront of a changing world.

Pandemic Preparation for Your Industry

Working with food and beverage creates numerous COVID-19 challenges and opportunities. Get certified, whatever your workspace.

Pandemic Prepared Certification

Pandemic Prepared Certification for Food & Beverage Supply Chain

The first pandemic certification created specifically for the food and beverage supply chain

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Are You Prepared? Find Out for Free!

Our Pandemic Preparedness Review introduces you to five critical elements of pandemic preparedness. Compare your plan and identify gaps:

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The First and Best-In-Class Standard

Based on a clear, actionable, and rigorous standard developed with input from academia, government, and industry, this certification is backed by the latest policy guidance and research. See the overview of the Pandemic Prepared Certification Scheme.

The certification process includes four steps:

  • Understand the Standard
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Certification
  • Leverage the Mark
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Leverage Your Certification with Your Customers and the Public

You are certified to maintain the highest level of safety standards for pandemic preparedness. Your competitors might not be. Make your attention and care work for you.

Our free 13-page guide to leveraging your certification offers tips on how to share your success.

Be proud of the work you’ve done.

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Learn More About Pandemic Preparedness

Not ready to download the standard? Connect with us to learn more.