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Our 7 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017
Our 7 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017


As you sit and think about your goals for 2018, let's review our most popular blog posts so you can catch up on anything you might have missed, or gain inspiration and guidance that will help propel you in the new year. We've published a ton of content here on AIB's blog, Food First, and we've covered a wide range of topics that matter to the food safety or baking professional.

7. Tip of the Week: Why Your Glueboards May Not Catch That Evasive Rat

The Food First blog frequently offers tips for rodent control methods, but nothing is quite as instructive as seeing them in action. Stephanie Lopez, Vice President, Food Safety Services Americas, explains in a video tutorial why this strategy works better for some rodent species rather than others.

6. Tip of the Week: Gluten Washing Test Results Explained

When it comes to bakers discussing flour quality, the conversation quickly turns to gluten. These tips will help you ensure you're practicing for two main purposes of gluten washing.

5. Tip of the Week: Keeping Foreign Material Out of Consumer Products

Our audience here on Food First is interested in technology knowledge, so it's not surprising that this blog post ranked among the year's most viewed. Within this blog post, you'll find three descriptions using foreign material devices to reach the ultimate goal = pure food.

4. Tip of the Week: Self-Inspection 20/20: Combating Nearsighted Inspections to Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

Self-inspections need to be part of every food safety program in 2018, and here's why. These methods used for self-inspections must illustrate that they are detailed, thorough, conducted, and documented, if necessary, for success.

3. Tip of the Week: Facility inspection. Records review. Swab-a-thon. Are you ready for FDA?

We started 2017 by developing a summarized FDA Inspection Checklist. Keep your eye out for more checklists like this in 2018 and before the FDA arrives at your door!

2. How Food Fraud Is Becoming More Prevalent

Food Fraud. If we had to pinpoint one underlying thread running through a popular topic on the Food First blog in 2017, that would be it. Earl Arnold, Global Manager of Food Defense and FSMA at AIB said “Food fraud is a growing concern across the world.” As you plan your 2018 training it might be helpful to absorb the wisdom of this expert in one of our Food Defense Coordinator seminars or through the online course.

1. What is important in a master cleaning schedule?

Here it is! Our most popular blog post for 2017. As the master cleaning schedule becomes a primary record in a sanitation program, it becomes fundamental evidence to prove that the program has been followed and will continue to be a topic for discussion in 2018.

At AIB, we appreciate every viewer who took the time to read our Food First blog in 2017, and especially those who subscribed to receive a Friday update directly to their inbox. Our resolution for the 2018 is the same as last: provide content that trusted brands find helpful just like the trusted experts at AIB.

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