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Certified Pandemic Prepared

Create Healthy Workplaces

Pandemic Prepared Certification for Corporate Offices helps you get employees back to the office by demonstrating your commitment to putting employees’ safety first and providing them the confidence to return.

This independent certification is based on a clear, actionable, and rigorous standard developed from the latest COVID-19 information and industry best practices.

How It Works

Pandemic Prepared Certification examines operational protocols, pandemic crisis management plans, and health crisis mitigation measures to help keep your employees safe.

This standard has been reviewed by experts in academia, industry, and government. The certification addresses employee’s top five concerns about returning to the workplace:

  • People entering the office are not sick
  • Employees following social distancing
  • Adequate and frequent cleaning and sanitation
  • Plans and protocols on quarantining employees if they start to show symptoms
  • Clear employee communication

Sixty-four Percent of Workers Feel Uncomfortable Returning to the Office*

After spending the past year working remotely, employees expect a fundamentally safer work experience than the one they left. For employees who are choosing to work from home, more than half cite concern over being exposed to Covid-19 as a major reason for this.

*Pew Research Center, “How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has – and Hasn’t – Changed the Way Americans Work,” Dec. 2020.

Forty-three percent of People Feel Their Employers’ Efforts Have Room for Improvement*

While many companies have COVID-19 safety measures, we found that 75 percent of pandemic preparedness plans are missing critical requirements that leave companies and their employees at risk.

*Envoy, “How to Make Employees Feel Safe at Work During COVID-19.”

Free Preparedness Review

Identify gaps in your health and safety plan.
This email series provides checklists that help you review your pandemic preparedness.

What About Operations?

Looking to certify your processing facility, packaging plant, or warehouse? Learn about Pandemic Prepared Certification for Food & Beverage Supply Chain.

Man wearing face mask working in a food facility
Pandemic Prepared Certification

Pandemic Prepared Certification for Food & Beverage Supply Chain

The first pandemic certification created specifically for the food and beverage supply chain

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