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British Food Exporter Considers AIB International an External Partner
British Food Exporter Considers AIB International an External Partner

Designing labels for new food products that are being exported to the United States can be a long and complicated process. Karina Pearson, Technical and Regulatory Consultant at 12M Consulting Limited worked on multiple launches of products for a leading British cake and grocery exporter. These products were being launched for sale in the United States and Canada and needed regulatory-compliant Nutrition Facts Labels, updated ingredient statements, and the team needed to understand the new regulations being implemented in both countries. The food labeling experts at AIB International worked with the British food exporter’s international technical team, taking extra time to ensure challenging deadlines were met. Pearson, the Technical and Regulatory Lead, was pleasantly surprised by the high-level of service provided from AIB International and was always met with a personal experience of reliability and attention to detail. Pearson explains in further detail below.

  1. How did the experience with the AIB International Food Labeling Services differ from what you were expecting? 

KP: Most service providers just answer the questions, but Food Labeling Professional Nicole Koch would help me explore wider and deeper. She provided a more rounded and holistic approach by putting herself in my shoes. For that reason, Nicole was recognized as our Hero of the Month when she could quite easily be Hero of the Year if we had such an award to give. Her patience and ability to understand what the customer, who is new to FDA regulations, needs and wants was critical. I was able to execute each project to launch without missing a beat in the regulatory timeline. Nicole didn’t just produce a report to the queries, she educated me on the FDA regulations. Her diligence and care in all the work that we have done together makes her a much-valued colleague.

  1. When did you realize that you could benefit from AIB International’s labeling expertise? 

KP: AIB International came highly recommended by another senior regulatory specialist within my network in the UK. When I came into the role, having evaluated the projected volume of product launches and the complexity of working on both cake and grocery products which contained egg and dairy ingredients, I knew very quickly that I would need to have a strong partner to execute my remit with success.

  1. What do you feel is the greatest benefit you received from working with AIB International?

KP: AIB International’s ability to understand customer needs and challenges and then adapt to facilitate and accommodate is beyond just providing the written report.

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