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Tip of the Week: BRC Auditing Entering a New Phase
Tip of the Week: BRC Auditing Entering a New Phase

The transition to BRC Global Standard for Food Safety: Issue 8 is widely known in auditing outlets. But while generalizations of what Issue 8 includes are easy to make, BRC Global Standard’s John Kukoly and AIB International’s Siarl Siviyer Dixon will explain the practical details of the new requirements in a free webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Improvement in the areas of efficiency, process, and consolidated industry best practices means food facilities using BRC need training on the new requirements. Updates to the auditing standards are always met with high anticipation and the release of Issue 8 is no exception. It’s no wonder food facilities and manufacturers have been anticipating this free webinar. The upcoming webinar will meet these objectives:

  • Explain the main changes in Issue 8
  • Offer suggestions for managing these changes at facilities
  • Clarify how facilities will likely be audited

Update! There is still time to sign up for this AIB and BRC Global Standards collaboration webinar, BRC Food Issue 8 – New Requirements. Practical Solutions. Register now!


Do you know what’s really going on in your facility? A whistleblower system is an effective control activity that discourages unethical behavior, enhances food defense protection, and discourages employees from engaging in fraudulent activity.

The whistleblower reporting system requirements of Issue 8 is the most noteworthy topic introduction. Issue 8 calls for greater collaboration between key facility stakeholders and quality control managers, while minimizing the disruption to the food safety plan. Information sharing between both parties is the key to staying a step ahead of emerging food safety threats. The whistleblower reporting system will not always be directly tied to food safety specifically, in those scenarios the system is in place to raise concerns anonymously. Along with a whistleblower system, facilities should have an investigative process in place.


BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 also called for improved environmental monitoring. This process is an integral part of food safety and considers target organisms, test methods, and the evaluation of results. Facilities need to understand the purpose of why they are swabbing and taking test plates. Facilities also need to determine what the trigger levels for increased surveillance look like and how to enforce corrective actions.  

This topic is further explained in the vulnerability assessment. This assessment should only be conducted by qualified and trained personnel. If a mitigation strategy is identified, then procedures need to be developed that include how it will be monitored, what corrective actions will need to be implemented if a deviation occurs, and what verification activities need to be implemented.

Looking to the future a free webinar is a good opportunity to remind your internal auditing team of the BRC impact on your facility. There is a lot at stake. Sign up for a free webinar that explains all your Issue 8 questions.

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