Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

Global Vice President, Operations

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Jeff Wilson has been with AIB since 2002. He is well-experienced in technical, quality, production, and health and safety management and possesses lead auditor qualifications, with a 25 year career history over a range of blue-chip business in the food sector. Jeff’s product experience covers bakery, beverages, salads, ready meals, dairy, snack foods, packaging, as well as canned, chilled and frozen goods.

Jeff’s work with AIB International began as a food safety auditor and trainer in the EMEA region. He moved into management roles as that region’s Operations Manager for Food Safety services, managing Food Safety Auditors, auditing, and training. Jeff then became EMEA General Manager before assuming his current position in January of 2016.

As VP, Food Safety Services EAA, Jeff has responsibility for the EMEA international office located in Leatherhead, United Kingdom and the management of the General Managers and their teams in the EMEA, APAC, and China regions.

Jeff received his education at the National College of Food Technology, University of Liverpool, in food technology/engineering and chemistry.

One-on-One with Jeff Wilson

What is your long-term vision for AIB and how does your personal business philosophy play into that vision?
My long term vision is for AIB to continue growing our food safety and baking services and to do this globally. My personal business philosophy is to set clear AIBI objectives to facilitate our global journey and to provide trusted solutions for our clients to exceed their own food safety and bakery goals.

How do you describe your leadership style and personal business philosophy?
My leadership style reflects my personal learning and experiences gained throughout my food safety career. I pride myself in being open, honest, and accountable and above all, a good listener and an enabler. I strive to lead by example, no matter what situation I find myself in.

How do you show leadership outside the office?
I’m actively involved with business related organizations such as the RSHT and the BPCA. On a personal level, I’m currently involved with a local community group for a home neighborhood watch scheme.

What do you do when you're not working?
I enjoy a wide variety of music, both listening and playing. Drumming was a passion of mine, but now strumming the occasional guitar chord is the perfect way to relax. Anything creative that has an artistic element! I enjoy restoration work and the satisfaction of bringing something old back to life and giving it second chance to live another day. On the exercise side, jogging and walking are the two activities that you can pack into your suitcase!

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