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Manage Quality and Meet Customer Requirements

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials focuses on quality and functional aspects of packaging, which complement the established requirements of your client’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). This certification supports the manufacture of safe packaging materials and management of product quality to meet customer requirements, while maintaining legal compliance.

This standard features the following:

  • Guidance and support for sites new to the certification process
  • Requirements on printed packaging to ensure an effective packaging manufacturing operation
  • Considerations for managing the functional quality of packaging materials to meet customer specifications
  • Grading scheme based on the number and severity of nonconformities and whether the audit is announced or unannounced.
  • Guidance on audit frequencies corrective action review process based on performance

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials is an internationally recognized certification that encourages best practices within the supply chain, ensuring that food safety is maintained. These audits generally require 1.5 days on-site, with an additional half day devoted to writing the report and managing the corrective action process.

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