International Featured Standards (IFS) PACsecure

IFS PACsecure is a packaging material safety and quality standard that applies to manufacturers of all kinds of primary and secondary packaging materials, including:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Rigid plastic
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Other natural materials

What Does the Standard Cover?

IFS PACsecure includes requirements for:

  • Senior management responsibility
  • Quality and food safety management systems
  • Resource management
  • Planning and production process
  • Measurements, analysis, improvements
  • Packaging material/food defense

What are the Key Benefits?

IFS certification offers a number of production department benefits to companies striving for excellence in quality, food safety, and customer satisfaction, and seeking a competitive marketplace advantage.

  • Less prescriptive than other GFSI-benchmarked audits due to risk-based approach allows for higher flexibility in implementation
  • Improves understanding between management and staff relating to good practices, standards, and procedures
  • Reduces the number of customer audits
  • Reduces total audit time by combining multiple audits

IFS PACsecure audits can be a good fit for companies looking for a risk-based certification that offers the chance to develop solutions that fit the processes and needs of the company. During the audit, auditors evaluate if the developed solution works in practice with the main goal to guarantee that food safety and quality will be reached. IFS does not ask for specific procedures or machines if it is not necessary to establish a safe process for your production.

Why Use AIBI-CS Over Other IFS-Approved Certification Bodies?

  • Our auditors are well calibrated, which means our clients are less likely to have their certificates revoked or withdrawn due to procedure error by the certification body.
  • AIBI-CS is committed to providing the best possible products and services to our valued clients at the most competitive price points in the industry.
  • 90% of companies using AIBI-CS as their certification body stay with us. The industry average is 79.9%

AIBI-CS maintains accreditation based on scheme owner's requirements.

Further Information

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