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Tuition Cost $323.00 USD

The Pandemic Prepared Certification for Corporate Office Standard is a best-in-class standard developed by pandemic preparedness experts with input from government agencies, academia, and industry leaders.

This rigorous, detailed, and easy-to-understand standard applies the same principles found in the Pandemic Prepared Certification Standard for Food & Beverage Supply Chains to address risks in office environments to help mitigate pandemics.
This standard covers five key issues every office should address:

  • Pandemic Crisis Management
  • Health Crisis Mitigation & Management
  • Intermittent Operations
  • Supply Chain Disruption
  • Food Safety Continuity Challenges

Why Do Companies Use Our Standard?

✓ Proof of Commitment
This independent certification builds your employees’ confidence by proving your commitment to establishing and maintaining best practices for COVID-19 and beyond.

✓ Identify Gaps
This Pandemic Prepared Certification Standard will help you identify gaps in your company’s current plan. Our research has found that 75 percent of pandemic preparedness plans are missing critical requirements, leaving companies and their employees at risk.

✓ Reduce Pandemic Costs
Being prepared means you can save on pandemic-related expenses such as insurance and avoid unwanted effects on your business such as reduced service and employee absenteeism.

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Tuition Cost $323.00 USD
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