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Petri Dish for Food Safety
$215.00 USD

Microorganisms can wreak havoc on food safety by contaminating food or causing food spoilage. Don’t wait until your operation experiences the impacts of foodborne disease to learn about it. Line supervisors and operators, sanitation supervisors, quality managers, and warehouse supervisors would all benefit from improving their knowledge of food safety microbiology.

Following this webinar, you will know how to:

  • Develop and implement your own plan for process control, hygiene, and sanitation to comply with regulations to ensure food safety
  • Understand the potentially negative impact of common microorganisms in your food plant
  • Work with a provided microbial control program and micro testing tools unique to your facility
  • Become a qualified professional capable of effectively addressing contamination in your facility
  • Support your facility by gaining knowledge about important environmental factors that influence contamination


You have three years to access the webinar.

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