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Regulators Are Requiring Sanitary Equipment Design Certification

BISSC (Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee) Third-Party Verification helps reduce food safety risks, improve cleanability of equipment and structures, and increase overall efficiency.

Our food safety professionals will evaluate your bakery equipment against the ANSI/ASB Z50.2 Standard for Bakery Equipment to ensure the sanitary design criteria outlined in the standard are met.

Prove your equipment meets best-in-class standards for sanitation cleaning and inspecting

Minimize the risk of contamination from microbiological, chemical, and physical contaminants

Food Safety Inspector

Leverage design techniques for more efficient, effective cleaning and inspections

Man wearing face mask working in a food facility

Sanitary design is fundamental to a strong prerequisite program

We will evaluate the compliance of the equipment against ANSI/ASB/Z50.2 standard criteria and provide a report of all findings as well as recommendations for improvement. Passing the inspection helps protect your company and customers from the risk of food product contamination.

How the Process Works

BISSC Third-Party Verification may be completed on-site at your facility, or smaller equipment can be shipped to minimize expenses.

1. Service request

Contact us and confirm on-site evaluation or arrange to ship equipment.

2. Equipment evaluation

We assess your equipment using the ANSI/ASB/Z50.2 Standard.

3. Report submission

The report confirming compliance is submitted to AIB International headquarters for review and issuance.

4. Equipment authorization certificate

BISSC issues this certificate for equipment deemed compliant.

5. Leverage opportunity

“BISSC-Verified” decals may be purchased and used.

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Trusted by the Biggest Brands in Baking

BISSC is an independent organization that develops sanitary standards for bakery equipment and is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIB International.