Private Training

Get private food safety training that’s customized and cost-effective, delivered virtually or at a location convenient to you.

On-site, Instructor-Led Training

The perfect solution when you need to train a group. This cost-efficient partnership approach to training allows us to craft learning opportunities focused on your operation, meeting your specialized needs and engaging your workforce. Here are just a few of the subject options we offer as private training sessions:

  • GMPs and Sanitation
  • Intentional Adulteration, Food Defense and Food Fraud
  • Traceability, Recall and Crisis Management
  • GFSI Certification Schemes
  • FSMA
  • Food Labeling
  • Baking production and techniques

Our instructors will use examples relevant to your specific product or facility type and target the discussion specifically to your company. If customized training is your need, our professional staff will collaborate with your representatives to create a one-of-a-kind training experience to meet your company’s needs. Engage in a blend of classroom teaching, applied exercises, and hands-on plant training for any experience level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about AIB International’s private training vs public seminars?
Although the content may not differ when our existing public seminars are delivered privately, companies benefit from a wealth of knowledge received through facility and product-specific examples and tailored discussions. The instructor’s teaching time is centered on answering your company’s questions and meeting your specific needs. Private training is scheduled on your time, at a location that works for you.

What languages does AIB International provide training in?
Our technical experts can train in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Do I need a conference room on-site for private training?
No. If your facility doesn’t have a suitable room to accommodate your group, we can deliver training virtually or at a hotel or events space.

Can I get the same training for many different facilities?
Yes. Many large companies have contracted AIB International to provide food defense training and vulnerability assessments at multiple global sites. Other companies contract AIB International to provide annual in-plant food safety training such as private GMP training and HACCP workshops to guarantee that new personnel are adequately trained and to provide refresher training to veteran employees. By using the same AIB International instructor at multiple sites, you can guarantee that each site is learning the same content.

Which countries is private training offered in?
AIB International provides private training all around the world. In addition to providing virtual training sessions, we can travel to your facility.


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