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Pandemic Prepared Certification Standard Introduction, Interpretation, Implementation


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Interpret and implement the requirements of the Pandemic Prepared Certification Standard with this online on-demand course.

Take your first step to Pandemic Prepared Certification! This on-demand online course and consulting package will introduce you to the requirements of the Pandemic Prepared Certification Standard so you can establish and maintain best practices for COVID-19 and beyond.  Complete the course at your pace, then schedule your free video conference consulting session to get answers to your questions.

This on-demand online course includes a free 1-hour consulting session with our Pandemic Preparedness Experts.

Who would benefit from this training?

Even if you already have a pandemic preparedness plan, this course is essential for leaders of pandemic preparedness teams.

The fact is, 75% of pandemic preparedness plans we reviewed were missing critical requirements!

If your company is committed to protecting your employees, customers and consumers, this training will give you a strong foundation for your plans and protocols.

Topics Covered

The 11 modules in this online course cover 5 key issues addressed in the Pandemic Prepared Certification Standard:

  • Pandemic Crisis Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Intermittent Operations
  • Health Crisis Mitigation & Management
  • Pre-Requisite Review

These issues address how to maintain operations, equipment, processes, and employee health through a pandemic event.The course also covers the specific documentation that is needed to demonstrate how a site will be audited and measured for compliance to the Standard.

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time. Each narrated lesson is accompanied by a quiz to test your knowledge throughout the course. You must receive a score of 70% or above to successfully pass the course and print your certificate of completion.

Time allowed to complete the course: 3 Years

Technical Requirements

Pandemic Prepared Certification Standard: Introduction, Interpretation, Implementation
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Traceability, Recall & Crisis Management

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