Intentional Adulteration Prevention Week

Intentional Adulteration Prevention Week

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Save time and travel costs and enroll in both Food Defense Coordinator  and Food Fraud: Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Join us for 4 days of training to boost your facility's defense against intentional adulteration and fraudulent activity. The training lineup features our most popular FSMA and GFSI relevant courses.

Intentional Adulteration Prevention Week is the perfect training event for any food manufacturing, storage & distribution, and food-contact packaging facility working toward FSMA compliance or GFSI certification. Individuals whose facilities are required to register with FDA - especially QA managers, HACCP practitioners, food safety coordinators, plant managers, and others responsible for overseeing their company's food safety plan - will not want to miss this full week of training.

  • Develop a vulnerability assessment
  • Choose potential mitigation strategies that address identified actionable process steps
  • Establish a multi-disiplinary food defense team to build your food defense plan
  • Develop and implement VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Point) strategy to prevent exposure to fraudulent activity within your supply chain network
  • Identify and mitigate food fraud vulnerabilities in ingredients, materials, and products

This course is a must-have for anyone responsible for developing, implementing and managing a food defense program for a facility or corporation. This may include the Food Defense Coordinator, QA directors & managers, QA/Production supervisors, operations managers, HACCP coordinators and food safety technicians.

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Intentional Adulteration Prevention (Virtual) - Oct. 20-23

Food Fraud: Risk Assessment and Mitigation VIRTUAL
Course Dates: Oct 22 - 23, 2020
Central Time Zone (CDT or CST), United States of America  
Food Defense

Food Defense Coordinator VIRTUAL
Course Dates: Oct 20 - 21, 2020
Central Time Zone (CDT or CST), United States of America  
Food Defense

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