Food Defense Update Webinar: Key Activity Types and Public Health Impact Calculations and Guidance Update

Food Defense Update Webinar

Key Activity Types & Public Health Impact Calculations + Guidance Update - $199

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Under the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), food defense programs will be mandatory for most foreign or domestic companies that manufacture, process, pack, hold or distribute human food for consumption in the U.S. Your food defense plan is a critical component of many certification standards, as well as AIB International’s Consolidated Standard for Inspection, so staying updated is crucial. 

These one-hour webinars are paired together to allow certified Food Defense Coordinators to maintain their certification and knowledge on the latest information and regulatory changes. Food industry professionals can use the content as they develop food defense teams, plans and procedures to meet requirements of 21 CFR 121 Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration. The webinars also include a detailed breakdown of the new regulatory guidelines and requirements.

Food Defense Coordinator 2020 Recertification

Successful completion of the post-webinar exam satisfies the requirements for AIB International’s Food Defense Coordinator 2020 recertification. If you need to renew your expired 2019 Food Defense Coordinator certification, please contact our customer service

  • The FDA’s recent update to the completed draft guidance.
  • The key activity types and how they’re identified by the FDA.
  • Conducting a Key Activity Type Vulnerability Assessment.
  • The three elements and hybrid vulnerability assessment types.
  • FDA’s Food Defense Plan Builder 2.0.

These webinars are ideal for certified food defense coordinators and other facility management, including HR, QA, maintenance, security and production with food defense responsibilities.

Guidance Update (1 hour)

  1. Understand FDA’s Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration regulation, including:
    • Exemptions to the rule
    • General requirements of the food defense plan
      1. Vulnerability Assessment
      2. Methodologies
      3. Mitigation Strategies
      4. Management Components
      5. Training
    • Updates from FDA's Food Defense Conference
  2. Differentiate between draft guidance and guidance documents
  3. Review recent draft guidance document on IA rule

Key Activity Types and Public Health Impact Calculations (1 hour)

  1. How the FDA identified the Key Activity Types
    1. Vulnerability Assessment Report
    2. Key Activity Types
      1. Bulk liquid receiving and loading
      2. Liquid storage
      3. Secondary ingredient handling
      4. Mixing and blending activities
    3. Key Activity Type Vulnerability Assessment
    4. Potential Public Health Impact Element
    5. FDA Food Defense Plan Builder 2.0

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Food Defense Update Webinar: Key Activity Types & Public Health Impact Calculations + Guidance Update
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