Strengthening Your Food Safety Culture

Strengthening Your Food Safety Culture


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You're likely familiar with the concept of a food safety culture, and even some of the methods used to strengthen the culture in your operation, but how do you move forward to achieve desired goals? Join us in this on-demand webinar as we go beyond food science and look at behavioral science to strengthen your food safety culture. AIB International will take you beyond methodology and arm you with practical suggestions for working toward positive changes in this 60-minute engaging event.

From smart goals and infrastructure investments, to change management and employee education, you'll learn management techniques that will leave a lasting impact and break down barriers to creating a positive food safety culture. Join other food executives and managers across the global industry as they come together to learn how to build a food safety culture that will positively impact the food safety programs already in place.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Approach food safety culture with an "all in" mindset
  • Explain and justify how food safety culture impacts organizational success
  • Apply practical everyday actions toward strengthening your company's food safety culture
  • Influence others within your company
  • Identify barriers to a strong food safety culture
  • Communicate how everyone - from the CEO to the front-line staff - contributes to a strong food safety culture
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Who should sign up?

Food facility managers, executives, and supervisors responsible for managing food safety programs. This webinar is perfect for any sector of the food chain, especially manufacturing, distribution, and service providers.

Strengthening Your Food Safety Culture Recorded Webinar
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