Foreign Material Management For Snack Foods and Baked Goods

Foreign Material Management For Snack Foods and Baked Goods


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Reduce your risk of recalls from foreign material and protect your brand.

This online, self-paced course is made for frontline personnel, quality assurance personnel, supervisors and managers and can be completed in just a few hours so your whole team is calibrated on foreign material management. This course provides vital information and strategies for control that address foreign material scenarios and problems specifically faced by snack food and baked goods companies.

Foreign material is the third most common cause of recalls, despite the use of foreign material removal devices in food processing. Take control of this highly visible and commonly brand damaging issue by improving your controls and reducing your physical material risks.

Who would benefit from Foreign Material Management?

This is essential training for frontline personnel, quality assurance personnel, supervisors and managers

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Foreign Material Management

Learn foreign material definitions and the history of related recalls. Review how to use hazard analysis to identify risks specific to these industries. Discover ways foreign material gets into product. Learn how to use complaints and inspections to measure success and failure in your own plant.

Designing a Foreign Material Management Program

Review the many prerequisite programs and practices we use every day help reduce foreign material risks.  Learn techniques to improve your programs to achieve better foreign material management results.

Sanitation and Maintenance

Focus on sanitation and maintenance as key contributors to management of foreign material risks in the plant with industry specific examples. Learn how to implement strong prerequisite cleaning programs with procedures and schedules help control foreign material risks.  Develop skills to recognize how the design and maintenance of the building and equipment prevent foreign material created by wear and tear.

Foreign Material Control Devices

Cover the choice and use of strainers, magnets, metal detectors, X-ray units on how and where they may be most effectively used in a snack food and baked goods manufacturing operation.

Inspections and Root Cause Analysis

Define the use of several types of internal inspections and how they are used to support and improve the Foreign Material Management Program.  Also covers how using I.C.E. concept for root cause analysis for long term correction of identified problems.

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time. Each interactive lesson has built-in quizzes to test your knowledge throughout the course. Following the course you must complete an exam and receive a score of 70% or above. After successful completion, you can print a document of completion.

Time allowed to complete the course: 3 Years

Technical Requirements:

Foreign Material Management for Snack Foods and Baked Goods
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