Food Safety Essentials for Cannabis Producers and CBD Products

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Food Safety Essentials

for Cannabis Producers and CBD Products

Affordable, online food safety training for your frontline team!

This entry-level course is the first step in food safety training for team members at every stage of raw material and edibles production and handling. Written by AIB International’s esteemed food safety consultants for frontline staff, Food Safety Essentials reduces the time spent scheduling and budgeting training with an automated system that instantly records and updates your training records.

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Food Safety Essentials covers more issues than any other online foundational food safety course available and includes a certificate of achievement upon passing each course exam.

Many Cannabis food categories in the United States and abroad are now under regulated food defense and GMPs. This formative training program allows your team to easily learn and apply the basic concepts of GMPs, HACCP, food defense, allergen control, pest management, and other important aspects of food safety. Your team will gain the basic knowledge and skills needed to produce clean and safe food. With a subscription, you’ll receive an administrative account to easily manage employee progress, as well as student access to 15 unique 20-30 minute training lessons for your English and Spanish-speaking employees. Each renewable subscription provides 12 months of access.

Who will benefit from Food Safety Essentials online training?

Make sure your QA technicians, maintenance crew, line workers, temporary workers, and hourly personnel are all on the same page as management. Train your English-speaking and Spanish-speaking employees with this bilingual product.

Food Safety Essentials can also apply to the cannabis industry to train operational compliance. Even though cannabis is not federally regulated many companies are implementing high standards in food safety and compliance programs to ensure consumer trust and protect their brand in the competitive market.

Reduce the time spent scheduling and documenting employee training with our automated system. The program administrator will be able to view details of student participation, assign specific courses to employees, and access student grades and transcripts.

After this course, you’ll know more about:

  • How personal hygiene impacts product contamination
  • The three types of hazards, the seven principles of HACCP, and the difference between processes that are "in control" and those that are "out of control”
  • Common allergen cross-contact issues and how to prevent them
  • The difference between food safety and food defense
  • How to use and check foreign material control devices
  • How to properly clean equipment, utensils, and waste areas
  • How to control rodent populations
  • Your role in preventing food contamination from microorganisms
  • Situations to look for and correct during inspections
  • How to keep grounds, storage buildings, and stored items pest free.
  • Common issues affecting food safety during equipment startup and breakdown
  • How temperature affects food safety and quality
  • What to look for before and after unloading incoming materials
  • How to properly store allergenic materials
  • Steps taken during a recall

Training Topics

  • GMPs
  • Allergen Control
  • Food Defense
  • Foreign Material Control
  • Cleaning Practices and Schedules
  • Pest Control
  • Basic Microbiology
  • Building Maintenance
  • Outside Grounds
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Incoming Material Inspections
  • Temperature Control
  • Storage Practices
  • Traceability and Recall

Subscription Details

FAQs Course Objectives Student Instruction Page Administrator Instruction Page

Enrollments are accepted any time. To purchase 12 months of access for your employees, select the appropriate number of participants below. Use this option for new purchases only. To renew your subscription, call us to have your expiration date extended.

Don’t see a subscription level that meets your exact needs? Call our office to discuss unlimited user subscriptions and single-user add-on customization.

Technical Requirements for Food Safety Essential Administrators

  • Internet access
  • E-mail account (must be individual)
  • Adobe Reader

Users taking the course only need internet access.

Food Safety Essentials - Individual User
0.00 lbs
$175.00 USD

Food Safety Essentials - 10 User Package
0.00 lbs
$1575.00 USD

Food Safety Essentials - 25 User Package
0.00 lbs
$3500.00 USD
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