Food Safety and Sanitation Distance Learning Course

Food Safety and Sanitation Distance Learning Course

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The edge you need to advance your career in the food industry.

Learn everything you need to know to begin a successful career in the food industry – from GMPs and prerequisite programs to common program mistakes you can avoid to maintain a food safe operation – with AIB’s food safety and sanitation distance training course.

You will start from the basics with sanitation training and personnel practices, then progress to advanced topics like allergens, sanitary design, and integrated pest management. You will complete the course with technical topics like microbiology and HACCP training. Each chapter builds on, and integrates into, the others. At the end of every chapter there are practical skills-applying workshops and a handy guide to reference key elements of each program. Uncover the core competencies needed to contribute to a well-managed food safety/sanitation program with the combined knowledge and practical skills we deliver.

Who will benefit from this food safety and sanitation course?

This course is perfect for any food industry professional with roles in sanitation, production, quality, storage and logistics, R&D, or maintenance. Pest control operators who want to know how a food facility's food safety and sanitation programs directly impact pest activity and to understand the required behavior while in a food facility will find this course unbeatable.

After this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Write detailed cleaning procedures that ensure cleaning tasks are consistent from person to person
  • Establish employee responsibilities for handwashing, uniforms, jewelry, hairnet usage, and cosmetics
  • Document a procedure and response for handling body fluids cleanup
  • Evaluate raw materials for the presence of allergens during the purchasing process
  • Reduce the risk of allergen cross-contact by scheduling production appropriately
  • Use prerequisite programs to control or change the environment supporting a pest population
  • ...and so much more!

Course features

In addition to information-packed course material and practical exams, each chapter includes bonus materials.

  • Multiple high-value workshops you can apply to programs in your own plants
  • A reference card that can be used for quick reference to key elements of each program


  • Sanitation
  • Personnel Practices
  • Body Fluids
  • Allergens
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Maintenance
  • Sanitary Design
  • Chemical Control
  • Air and Water Quality
  • Operational Methods
  • Physical Foreign Material Control
  • Traceability
  • Recall
  • Food Defense
  • Food Microbiology and Microbial Control
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Customer Complaints
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Overview
  • Self-Inspection and Internal Audits

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive 3.6 continuing education units.

Upon completion of this course, you can immediately print a copy of your certificate to show that you've completed the training. This course consists of 22 lessons, with 3.6 CEUs earned.

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time. Lesson material and exams are accessed online using a computer. Access instructions will be e-mailed upon enrollment. To receive a document of completion, students must submit an exam for each lesson and receive a 70% or above.
Complete the course at your own pace. You have up to 3 years to complete the course.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet access
  • E-mail account (must be individual)
  • Adobe Reader

Food Safety and Sanitation Distance Learning Course
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