Food Safety & Covid-19 Webinar Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has swiftly changed the landscape of the food industry. The rigorous sanitation practices that have always been important to our industry, have now spread well beyond the production line and into offices and break rooms. Keeping your facility running now involves navigating supply chain complexities while trying to apply an epidemiological understanding to your worker's safety.

AIB International has published a 16-part webinar series with practical advice on how to lead your facility through this global pandemic. It covers everything from addressing traceability concerns with changing suppliers to ensuring your worker's safety and much more! 

Part 1 - Food Safety & COVID-19

Understand COVID-19 from a microbiology and regulatory perspective with Kantha Channiah, Microbiologist, and Valerie Olson, Sr Director of Regulatory Services.

53 Minutes

Get practical tips, suggestions and solutions that may help you through this difficult time from AIB International’s Judi Lazaro, Sr. Category Director, Food Safety Global Sales.

33 Minutes

We’ll be featuring Elaine Meloan, Manager, Food Labeling and Earl Arnold, Manager, Food Defense/FSMA. They will provide updates on FDA and USDA labeling and food safety, and talk through specific in-facility scenarios.

46 Minutes

We’ll be featuring Anthony Chan, GM, Operations, Asia. He will offer insights and learnings from the region as manufacturers being to reopen there. Our team will also talk through recommendations for addressing practical in-facility scenarios that may be impacting your operation.

51 Minutes

Our team of Food Safety Professionals will discuss three practical, in-facility scenarios and make best practice recommendations you can implement now to help maintain food safety and worker health.

37 Minutes

We’ll be joined by The Partnership for Food Safety Education to offer insights on how you can keep your employees safe at home. Alicia Swanson, Food Safety Professional, will then focus on food fraud and why it is especially important to implement mitigation measures right now.

55 Minutes

Jesse Leal, Food Safety Professional, will offer insights into how COVID-19 will change how we clean, sanitize and verify sanitation in food plants. He will also speak to how onboarding and continuous training need to be enhanced and enforced to meet the challenge.

30 Minutes

During the COVID-19 crisis, an increased risk of mistakes due to increased production and decreased staffing make a strong traceability and recall plan essential. Learn what you need to do to keep consumers safe and strengthen your customer relationships.

36 Minutes

Understand the actions you need to take in your manufacturing facility moving forward in the COVID-19 “new normal” and ask our experts your COVID-19 questions.

31 Minutes

Our experts address your most frequently asked COVID-19 questions. Get actionable insights you can start implementing to address the food industry’s “new normal.”

31 Minutes

Part 2 - What's Next: Practical Solutions for Business Continuity

Recalls, disasters and pandemics. If you’ve felt unprepared to address any of these crisis situations, this free 30-minute webinar is for you. Join AIB International’s Earl Arnold for a look at “Crisis Management” and how preparation can help maintain business continuity.

28 Minutes

A leader in the production of rigid plastic packaging, Amcor needed GMP audits. However, auditors could not get to those sites due to restricted travel. Working together, we created a solution that kept their plant staff safe, while providing a thorough and insightful audit experience. Join us and Amcor as we discuss their success with our Hybrid GMP Inspections.

27 Minutes

Sanitation is more important than ever, enabling you to not only produce safe food, but also provide a safe working environment for your team. Join us and Nexcor Food Safety Technologies to talk about the six steps to an effective sanitation program and how their Kleanz software and services can help support your efforts.

34 Minutes

The pandemic may have changed how you operate, but it hasn’t decreased consumer expectations for food safety. AIB International’s Earl Arnold will discuss the difference between an inspection and an audit and how they support one another. He will then identify what should be included in an inspection and the gaps that some manufacturers miss, followed by a review of the corrective action process for when issues are noted.

33 Minutes

During these challenging times, the Foundation and FSSC 22000 in consultation with key stakeholders, have established alternative methods of delivering auditing activities while maintaining audit objectives and a robust audit process. In addition to the full on-site FSSC 22000 audits, a new voluntary split audit process utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now being offered to organizations seeking or holding FSSC 22000 certification. AIB International’s Dimitra Sandrou will discuss general principals, applicability and audit approach for the split audit process using ICT.

27 Minutes

There is a shortage of trained and qualified personnel in today’s workforce. AIB International’s Judi Lazaro and Bret Zaher will offer insight into expertise and services that can help stem that gap in the short- and long-term, and assist you in prioritizing your commitment to training.

22 Minutes

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