ISO 22000 Lead Auditor + FSSC 22000 V5 Review

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor + FSSC 22000 V5 Review

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Become an accredited ISO 22000 Lead Auditor with this five-day auditor training course. AIB International’s ISO 22000 Lead Auditor + FSSC 22000 V5 Review seminar helps you develop the necessary expertise to perform a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) audit by applying widely recognized audit principles, procedures and techniques. You’ll also learn how to manage an audit program, audit team, customer communication and conflict resolution.

During this on-site course, you will also learn to plan and implement internal and external audits in compliance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021-1 certification processes. Additionally, the bonus FSSC V5 Review module will help you apply the Version 5 requirements as outlined in FSSC’s updated scheme.

  1. Understand the operations of a FSMS based on ISO 22000.
  2. Acknowledge the correlation between ISO 22000 and other standards and regulatory frameworks.
  3. Recognize an auditor’s role in planning, leading and following up on a management system audit in accordance with ISO 19011.
  4. Know how to lead an audit and audit team.
  5. Interpret the requirements of ISO 22000 in the context of an FSMS audit.
  6. Possess the competencies to plan and lead an audit, draft reports, and follow up on an audit in compliance with ISO 19011.
  7. Understand where to find FSSC 22000 Version 5 requirements.

This course is ideal for auditors seeking to perform and lead FSMS certification audits, facility managers or consultants seeking to master a FSMS audit process, individuals responsible for maintaining FSMS conformance requirements, and food safety management expert advisors.

CPD Credits

Upon successful completion, you will receive 31 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits, issued by PECB. Course participants who pass an online exam will be awarded a Lead Auditor certification credential.


  • Introduction to FSMS and ISO 22000
  • Course objectives and structure
  • Standard and regulatory framework
  • Certification process
  • Fundamental principles of food safety
  • Audit principles, preparation and launching
  • Fundamental audit concepts and principles
  • Audit approach based on evidence and risk
  • Initiating the audit
  • Stage 1 and 2 audits
  • On-site audit activities
  • Stage 2 audit
  • Communication during the audit
  • Audit procedures
  • Creating audit test plans
  • Drafting audit findings and non-conformity reports
  • Closing the audit
  • Audit documentation and review
  • Evaluating action plans
  • Beyond the initial audit
  • Managing an internal audit program
  • Competence and evaluation of auditors
  • Certification exam
  • Review of FSSC 22000 Scheme Version 5
    (requirements for organizations to be audited and the certification process)

Enrollment information:

This seminar is currently only available as an on-site private training. Call 800-633-5137 or email our office to schedule your plants training now! 

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