Making the Transition to FDA New Nutrition Facts Label Webinar

Making the Transition to FDA New Nutrition Facts Label Webinar


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A detailed look at applying FDA's new nutrition facts format to your product labels.

Are you concerned about your facility's ability to comply with FDA's new nutrition facts format ruling? Although the FDA has extended the compliance deadline for the new regulations, we are encouraging food manufacturers to move forward with their Nutrition Facts Label formatting changes now. Gathering information for the new nutrients in the panel is taking companies a lot longer than anticipated. Also, some companies are finding that their products no longer meet the printed label claims and are having to reformulate. Don't get caught in the chaos as the new compliance date grows closer!

This one hour webinar is available to watch for up to three years after your registration date!

Who Should Sign Up?

  • US food and beverage manufacturers
  • Food and beverage manufacturers exporting to the United States

Technical Requirements: 

Your Compliance Resource

It can be challenging to understand government regulations, so let AIB act as your resource for food labeling compliance assistance. The experts in AIB's Food Labeling Department are well versed in the new regulatory requirements and are standing by to share their knowledge. 

Learn how you can meet FDA and USDA food labeling requirements cost-effectively, enjoy peace of mind, speed up your process with Camera Ready Nutrition Formats, ensure compliance with regulations, and prepare your packaging for U.S. and Canadian markets!

Making the Transition to FDA's New Nutrition Facts Label Webinar
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