Bioengineered Food Disclosure: Labeling How-to Webinar

Bioengineered Food Disclosure Webinar


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A conversation about bioengineered foods and how to correctly disclose their presence on your package label.

Because bioengineered foods are widely dispersed in the food supply, your brand cannot afford to be left struggling to understand labeling requirements.

Differentiating between which FDA and USDA foods are subject to disclosure, knowing how long records must be kept, and summarizing the various disclosure methods require applying more thoughtfulness and examination than ever before.

We asked our food labeling expert, Elaine Meloan to share the finalized requirements for labeling foods or ingredients in foods as bioengineered in a 30-minute webinar. In addition, Elaine will present unique examples to help apply the requirements.

Included in your webinar purchase is a free gift! You’ll receive a detailed summary of the disclosure standard final regulations, as well as access to free expert advice.

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Our Presenter

Elaine Meloan is the manager of the Food Labeling Services at AIB International. She joined AIB International in 1985, performing contract research for the baking industry in the cereal technology lab. Elaine has presented on food labeling at many public and private seminars. In addition to generating labeling information and performing label compliance reviews, she is a resource for clients in the food industry on regulatory and compliance issues.

Who will benefit from the Bioengineered Food Disclosure: Labeling How-to Webinar?

The course content is targeted to anyone responsible for food labeling, including food labeling professionals, product developers, food company management, dietitians, and government employees. Graphic designers can use this course to learn how to correctly design package disclosures.

Enrollment Information 

After making your purchase, you will have up to three years to access the webinar. You may view the training as many times as you like during this period. If you’d rather view the webinar later, we will also send an email with access instructions for your reference.

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Bioengineered Food Disclosure: Labeling How-to
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