Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom delivers the learning benefits of live, instructor-led training through an interactive, convenient and cost-effective virtual platform. With Virtual Classroom, you can join a live training event from any location, while engaging and learning as if you are physically present in the classroom.

Excellent and very useful. AIB International instructors are very knowledgeable and good communicators. I was concerned about virtual learning, but it ran very smoothly and it was a slick way to do training. High marks! Gary Bailey, Quality Analyst, American Crystal Sugar Company

By supplementing many of our current in-person seminars with online technologies that bridge the geographical distance between trainer and trainee, we can more effectively share our world-class training, while maintaining our commitment to quality.

Almost all of our 2021 seminars offer a virtual option! Just look for the word "Virtual" at the end of the course name on the calendar page and in the cart at the bottom of a seminar's page.  

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Sending trainees to an off-site training location may disrupt their daily job role or ability to achieve work-life balance. This format decreases that inconvenience by allowing trainees to participate from their preferred location.


Participation online through this format can also be more cost-effective for trainees, as it reduces associated travel costs.


Virtual Classroom provides the same training and interactivity with the trainer and their fellow classmates that is expected through live training. This back and forth between teacher and students is difficult to attain through a self-paced online course.

What is Virtual Training Room?

Our Virtual Classroom utilizes technology to bring learners into the classroom environment, whether they are located in-person or remotely. Many of our current seminars have been modified to effectively engage both in-person and online participants, while continuing to deliver on the high level of quality learning that clients know from AIB International.

That includes the addition of various interactive elements, including polls, quizzes, games, interactive whiteboard in breakout rooms and prompted web searches. Group discussions will also engage online participants in a way that prompts learning.

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Interaction is just as easy for virtual participants as for participants inside the classroom. Virtual participants are displayed on two large screens at the back of the classroom. When virtual participants speak, they will occupy the entirety of those screens. Virtual participants essentially are the “back row” of the classroom.

The remote learner also has the same degree of accessibility to the classroom and instructors. They are able to see the instructor’s presentation and the white board from their computer screen. If they need assistance, they can raise their hand, ask the instructor questions, or even share their screen with the instructor.

There is a small plug-in for internet browsers required to run Virtual Training Room that is compatible with most PC’s and Macs. It is very easy to install and works with most up-to-date systems and browsers.

Remote participants need a computer with a reliable internet connection as well as a microphone and webcam to allow for effective two-way communication between the instructor and class participants.

There are two AIB International instructors at all of our blended learning classrooms - one online and one in-person. The instructor who is online will available to answer any of your questions. While the platform has proven very stable, should any issues arise we will be on-hand to assist. Remote participants can receive real-time support for their technical issues.

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