Science of Baking: Module 2 Ingredient Technology

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Science of Baking Module 2 Ingredient Technology

Science of Baking

Science of Baking: Module 2 Ingredient Technology

Science of Baking: Module 2 Ingredient Technology teaches about the uses and functions of ingredients in bakery products: from wheat and flour to dough strengtheners and other miscellaneous baking ingredients. This course will also prepare students for the bread and cake modules.


  1. Wheat and Flour
  2. Flour and Dough Testing
  3. Sugars and Sweeteners
  4. Fats and Oils
  5. Dough Strengtheners, Crumb Softeners, and Emulsifiers
  6. Eggs and Egg Products
  7. Milk and Milk Products
  8. Starches and Gums
  9. Yeast Foods, Oxidation, and Reduction
  10. Yeast and Fermentation
  11. Miscellaneous Baking Ingredients
  12. Enzymes in Baking
  13. Chemical Leavening
  14. Staling of Baked Products

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive 11.2 continuing education units.

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time. Lesson material and exams are accessed online using a computer. Access instructions will be e-mailed upon enrollment. Complete the course at your own pace. To receive a document of completion, students must submit an exam for each lesson and receive a 70% or above.

Time allowed to complete the course: 3 years.
14 lessons, 11.2 CEUs

Technical Requirements

  • Internet access
  • Individual work or personal email account


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Science of Baking - Ingredient Technology
Upon Enrollment
$310.00 USD
Baking Science
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