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Bread Manufacturing Process

Bread Manufacturing Process Online

Grow your baking expertise with a strong foundation in bread manufacturing.

Also available in Spanish

In this course you’ll come to understand the complete bread manufacturing process, one module at a time. Work at your own pace, assess your understanding with pre and post-tests for each section, and gain the knowledge you need to move your baking career forward. This course makes a great follow-up to the companion course Function of Ingredients and is also available in Spanish.

Bread Manufacturing Process online training covers steps from scaling through dough systems, assesses your understanding, and then goes on to finish with dividing through packaging.

Who will benefit from Bread Manufacturing Process training?

Any baker seeking to deepen their knowledge of bread manufacturing will benefit from this self-paced, easy-to-follow course. Production supervisors, foremen and managers, as well as line supervisors will also find value in this content.

After this course you’ll understand:

  • Each step of the manufacturing process and its purpose
  • Dough and finished product characteristics at each step
  • Different dough systems
  • Critical quality production controls
  • Common equipment used in the manufacturing process

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive 0.8 continuing education units.

Take a sneak peak at the course:

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time; students complete the work on their own schedule. This course is divided into two sections. Each section has a pre- and post-test. Those who score 80% or higher on the post-tests will receive a document of completion.

Time allowed to complete the course: 3 years.

Technical Requirements:

Bread Manufacturing Process
Upon Enrollment
$425.00 USD
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