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Bakery Technical Assistance

Bring new ideas to market and find solutions for existing products.

AIB International offers technical and educational support to food production facilities worldwide. Whether you have a new production line or facility, or are aiming to improve your bakery’s efficiency, we can troubleshoot your product and process to help you improve food quality and decrease expenses.

Our Expertise

AIB International’s professionals have extensive experience with all types of baked products including breads (pan, hearth, and flatbread style), sweet goods (cakes, cookies, doughnuts), crackers, and specialty products (pizza and laminated dough). Work with our team of experts for your highly specialized projects such as bakery technical solutions, food regulatory guidance, analytical testing approaches, retail, and wholesale production.

Explore the ways our clients work with our experts to improve their businesses!

Troubleshoot Quality Issues On-Site

When a crisis arises in your bakery, you need immediate help. Whether you have concerns about meeting customer quality expectations, need help with a new line startup, or a problem seems too complex for your internal resources to solve, AIB's experts will stand by your side to help you get back on track.

Our subject-matter experts will travel to your facility to provide an on-site assessment and recommend a plan to resolve the issue. If needed, they'll observe multiple shifts and all parts of the production puzzle - from ingredients to equipment - until the root cause is pinpointed. We'll evaluate mixing, proofing, dividing, sheeting, baking and any steps in between to cover all the bases.

You don't work with just a field consultant. Our specialized lineup features experts in each baking category. We handpick the team member that has expertise directly related to your product type and send them in full confidence that your problem will be quickly resolved.

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Improve Shelf-Life

Expand market distribution with an extended product shelf-life.

  • Increase the shelf-life of a product already in market to reach additional locations.
  • Sell your product to larger retailers with longer shelf-life requirements.
  • Retest your shelf-life claims after formula changes or improvements related to clean label expectations.

Whether it's microbiological, rancidity, or moisture migration, our experts understand the modes of failure that shorten a product's shelf-life and offer solutions to help you reduce their impact. Using controlled conditions, we'll test your product in real-time to offer the most accurate depiction of how it will perform in the market.

Shelf-life includes many aspects like flavor, appearance, texture, and minimization of microbial growth. Noticeable changes in any of these aspects draw unwanted consumer attention and could lead a consumer to consider a product to be past its shelf-life and no longer fresh. Product shelf-life can be extended with calculated modifications to ingredients in the formula. For products that rely on softness and moistness to have acceptable eating characteristics, enzymes might be added to modify the texture of the product over time. Microbial growth can be slowed during the shelf-life by lowering the water activity or adjusting the pH of a food.

Start improving your bakery product shelf-life today!

Test Equipment

Whether you're a bakery needing to test a piece of equipment, or an equipment supplier looking to showcase equipment to potential clients, AIB International's team of researchers is ready to set up our facilities to meet your needs.

Bakeries that want to test new equipment, but don't have access to facilities with specialized production equipment look to AIB for help. Our clients know that our in-house pilot plant is available to plug and play so that they can ensure that the equipment they are testing is the best option for their operation. Need to test out a sheeter, but don't have the other production equipment in your operation to make sure it's a good fit? Send the sheeter to AIB and we'll use the other production equipment in our pilot plant to test the whole process beginning to end.

For innovative new products, testing cutting edge equipment can be a crucial step, but finding a confidential space to conduct trials can be challenging. AIB can provide confidential facilities to test bench and pilot scale equipment while offering our seasoned staff to keep your trial running smoothly.

Equipment suppliers can use our pilot plant to showcase the capabilities of their featured products. Potential buyers join them at our facilities to learn how the equipment can benefit their operation. This is a great way to build client buy-in as they witness your equipment in action and see how its performance fits within the overall baking process.

AIB's experienced staff are well versed in equipment functionality for bakery products and are on standby to contribute their expertise to your equipment evaluation.

Contact us today to test your equipment!

Real World Solutions

No matter your food product development challenges, AIB International has real-world solutions. Let our food scientists and industry veterans assist you with product formulation, ingredient functionality, processing concerns, or shelf-life performance. With our full range of technical assistance capabilities, we’ll help you develop concept and prototype bakery products, evaluate product quality, improve production efficiency, and more!

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