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Test Baking

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Test Baking

Our bench-scale test baking facilities are staffed with well-trained professional bakers and equipped with tools to produce and measure the physical characteristics of a wide variety of bakery products during and after baking. These tests can be run on many types of food products, including:

  • Yeast breads, cookies, and crackers
  • Cakes, muffins, and doughnuts
  • Tortillas, pizza, and other specialty items

During production we evaluate batter and dough handling characteristics.  Post bake measurements include volume, spread, stack height, pH, water activity, texture analysis, and subjective scoring.  Digital photographs are taken to show side by side comparisons.

Our Technique

Our approach involves the evaluation of ingredients, finished products, and processes in a highly controlled environment. Once specific objectives are defined, the experimental baking staff executes tests and conveys accurate, concise, and clear information to the client. Communication of ideas and technical guidance to the baking industry is our goal.

Some of the specific objectives our clients commonly look for include:

  • Optimize existing baked product formula for improved flavor, texture, shelf-life, or functionality
  • Make trade show, sales, or proof of concept samples
  • Simplify a formulation/recipe to appeal to consumers and/or reduce overall costs
  • Change a formulation/recipe to make a nutritional claim
  • Understand quality over time (yearly crop transitions, testing shelf life extending ingredients)
  • Test out new/different equipment

Our baking professionals can perform a variety of tests including:

  • Existing formula/recipe review and consultation
  • Test formula/recipe by making bench scale (small) batches and adjusting ingredient ratios and/or processing parameters to achieve desired finished product characteristics
  • Scale up of bench size formulas to a larger batch size (pilot scale)
  • Determine products overall quality by evaluating dough handling, exterior, interior and eating quality characteristics and by measuring physical attributes (crumb texture, volume)


We’re fully equipped with everything you’ll need for your test baking, including:

  • Production equipment including mixers for various dough types and batch sizes
  • Small-scale production facilities for routine testing
  • Fryers for testing oils, shortenings and fried products
  • Programmable sensors to monitor temperature variation in freezing or baking

Contact our baking experts to tap the knowledge and wide-ranging professional baking experience!

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